We're dedicated to rebuilding Egypt’s garment manufacturing industry.

Garments Manufacturer & Exporter

Mina free Zone (MFZ) can fulfill all of your finished garment manufacturing requirements. Located in cotton’s finest home – Egypt, MFZ can provide you with our exclusive 100% Egyptian cotton fabric which is the best quality cotton in the world and most expensive of the cotton group. Egypt is well positioned to become the next destination for sourcing clothing. There are no other low-cost destinations left on the planet. Asian manufacturers are at full capacity and South America has also become too expensive to source from. Egypt is the “new frontier” for garment and textile manufacturing.

So, whatever garment requirements you may have, in whatever plethora of colors, sizes, prints and design specifications, whether it be for luxury bedding an linens, Men’s-wear, women’s-wear and Kids-wear, in any fabric such as cottons, Rayon, Polyester, Linen, Indigo and any and all blends of natural and synthetic fibers, Mina Free Zone (MFZ) is your SOLUTION FOR ALL OF YOUR GARMENT MANUFACTURING NEEDS.


MINA GARMENT is an apparel manufacturer whose mission is to interpret and anticipate our client needs, and develop, source, and produce young men’s and women’s apparel that satisfies those needs.

MINA GARMENT strives to consistently exceed customer expectations through a philosophy that focuses on superior customer service, extensive product and material development, innovative supply chain solutions, competitive pricing, expedited concept-to-market strategies, expanded sourcing options, and customer-defined quality/value.

‘’The single most important thing to remember about any enterprise is that there are no results inside its walls. The result of business is a satisfied customer’’  Peter Drucker



To be a recognized National Egyptian Company meeting and exceeding all international standards, providing efficient, reliable services with the highest quality products on each and every single product run, to every single client with absolutely no exception. To continually create and provide efficient manufacturing/operational models which sets us apart from all other companies in the garment industry.

Continually investing in our production abilities, maintaining all of our infrastructures, always updating our advanced applications and IT division, continually investing in our human resources, providing up to date training, to all of our production teams. To always be on the leading edge, as a contemporary institution which sets the bench marks for industry standards.

To be a world brand with total devotion towards its Eco-friendly obligations vis-a-vis the environment, and always provide a healthy and safe work environment for all its precious human resources.

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