About us

Quality, customer focused apparel production

By combining unparalleled customer service with a concept-to-market strategy that is one step ahead of the game, MINA GARMENT brings superior apparel production to you.

Whether you’re looking to expand sourcing options or for competitive pricing, MINA Garment gives you the competitive edge.

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The infrastructure is constituted of multiple manufacturing units. Machinery is constantly upgraded as per market standards.

All at Your Service of Fashion Design, Product Development, and Private Label Manufacturing.

MINA garment/apparel: 2 FACTORIES. 1 COMPANY.

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Why Choose Us?


MINA GARMENT offers full-service private label manufacturing you can trust to help your business successfully manufacture and distribute quality, sustainable products.

QUALITY From concept to market; fast! MINA GARMENT offers unparalleled speed to market planning that always keeps your apparel trending

MINA GARMENTS’ factories are regularly inspected for:

  • Safe, Clean, Family-First Working Environments
  • Fair Labor Practices and Education Opportunities
  • Eco-Friendly Practices, such as face masks and extractors to protect teammate respiration.
  • Routine Machinery Safety Inspection

Need assistance shipping your products into or out of the United States?  Don’t sweat.  With over 20 years of experience in logistics, our team makes your life easy by providing the option to have your garments and production delivered to your door.

  • MINA GARMENT and Apparel Now Guarantees On-Time Delivery
  • Excellence in Packaging and Delivery for your distribution center or home office.
  • No Hassle Import and Export across the board, from 100 of 1 Million Units per month.
  • Cost Savings – You Don’t Need Your Own Ship or Import License!
  • Team Up with Our Large Volume to Minimize your Shipping Costs

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